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Crafting Etiquette

Post by Jaeral » Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:13 pm

A short while ago i got myself 2 HQs crafted and broke out in an argument with the crafter about proper tipping etiquette.
The argument made me wonder how the general etiquette for crafting is on our server because it appears due to the multitude of different server backgrounds from everyone, everyone is used to a different norm.

What i could chiefly identify so far has been two major systems:

1. Your material, your item, tip the crafter

The customer provides the materials and gets the result of the crafting process, be it NQ or HQ, but also reimburses the time of the crafter by giving a tip (which can be fixed/agreed in advance or on voluntary basis). Sometimes the tip is also based on NQ or HQ results.

2. Your material, your HQ, NQs to the crafter

A lot like the previous system but the NQs are kept by the crafter to cover his skilling up expenses, in the case of HQ it's given to the customer, no gil tipping involved.

I'm curious to spark a discussion about this subject because it seems there isn't much clarity in terms of the proper etiquette for this.
In the issue I had with the crafter he assumed system #2 was the norm while i thought system #1 was. I completely fault myself for not making an agreement up front but i think everyone could benefit if we have a point of reference for these kinds of problems and also create more awareness in customers and crafters alike.
Transparency on that process helps everyone make more money in the long run after all :)

Edit: The question came up.. In the example/situation that happened to me the endresult was 2HQs and 3 NQs so the discussion i had with the crafter was about those 3 NQs.

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Re: Crafting Etiquette

Post by Bikini » Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:15 pm

Like you said, everyone comes from different experiences, but the most important thing is that before anyone trades anything, all parties are aware of exactly what all the conditions are.

From personal experience in MMOing since 1997, the majority of people will craft your stuff using your mats and you also tip them whatever you want. Then there are others who advertise they are crafting for tips and generally already have a fee in their mind. Few MMOs have an HQ system like FFXI however, which adds a whole other dynamic to crafting fees. So just make sure everyone knows what they are getting into before any trading happens.

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Re: Crafting Etiquette

Post by Jaeral » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:09 pm

I agree that all parties involved should be aware of the conditions (in my example i definately did the mistake of not doing that).
After talking to some people it seems there isn't a lot of transparency or awareness for that though. People just follow what they are "used to" for the most part which can heavily clash in some cases.
I thought it'd be interesting to see some crafter's opinions on that and maybe raise the awareness of everyone that being more transparent about stuff like this is good for both sides.

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Re: Crafting Etiquette

Post by Crasy » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:14 am

I've seen a couple of different methods including the ones you've listed and yes they can both work, but in different situations. A tip is something I would agree is the best way if you're doing one synth for each piece. (I personally give away NQs here as well if the mats/outcome isn't extreemly expensive and I'm hunting for HQ)

Let's make a scenario though where I do 10 tries for someone (with somewhat universal cc prices for mid tier);

cost of mats, 5k
price NQ on AH, 10k
price HQ on AH, 30k

Let's say i HQ 4 , break one, and 5 NQ (as could be a case for T3 HQ)
That's a total of 120k profit after counting expenses

In this scenario, what would a good tip be? Since the economy is extreemly slow moving for gear at the moment, listing up those 5 NQs is in reality taking 2-3 weeks where the crafter would have to undercut the one he/she just made gear for. So in this case I would preffer option 2, in the sense that the crafter could keep listing the item at a steady pace or desynth to get mats for other stuff. Also, the customer here would get a value of 120k for the price of 50k in mats, which I would argue is a hell of a deal.

Closing words; I stil make a lot more gil on other stuff than crafting, crafting is what I spend it on. So unless it's a friend who ask or someone offer me some real value in return, I am doing charity most of the time gil/time wise. The economy just isn't there yet for gear.

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Re: Crafting Etiquette

Post by Gweivyth » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:30 pm

With an economy as slow and small as ours currently is, it's probably in the best interest of all parties to do "your mats, your HQs + %tip." If there isn't a going price for the item, I'd just come up with a flat tip price ahead of time. That's how I handled things on retail, and nobody ever seemed to have issue. (I had Bonecraft 101 w/ 62 Leather sub.) I never charged for NQs. Like I said, with the way the economy is at the moment, crafters probably don't want to be burdened with HQ gear that is going to take a lot of time to make their money on anyway, it's probably better in the hands of players who will actually use it.

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