Maint 10/14/2017 Patch v37

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Maint 10/14/2017 Patch v37

Post by Icon » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:15 pm

The following changes were committed this patch:
  • Tachi Jinpu fixed
  • Vorpal Blade removed from RDM
  • Stun spell acc revised
  • Flash spell acc revised
  • Several items sell prices updated
  • Bright-handed Kunberry and Sozu Rogberry no longer use Everyone's Rancor
  • Aquaveil changed to era
  • Quest: A Timely Visit added thanks to Beauxq
  • Ghebi Damomohe in Lower Jeuno (I - 7) will sell NIN scroll items until fishing is implemented
New level sync rules we're going to try out to facilitate leveling lower level jobs:
You can sync from 75 down to Lv10
Lv10-64 1% exp penalty per level when sync beyond 20 levels
Lv65-75 2% exp penalty per level when sync beyond 20 levels (after subtracting 10 from current level)
Lv75 no limit points when sync beyond 20 levels
Those that enjoyed moving to new exp camps can do so but if the players aren't online to support it you can sync down
You will be rewarded for keeping party members within 20 levels

Big thanks to Dante, Beauxq and the community for helping devise the new level sync system

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