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Patch Summary

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This is a summary of patches since inception.

  • Chariot Band - Max Bonus: 500; Duration: 90 min; Bonus: 75%
  • Empress Band - Max Bonus: 1,000; Duration: 180 min; Bonus: 50%
  • Emperor Band - Max Bonus: 2,000; Duration: 210 min; Bonus: 50%
  • Two leaf mandragora bud - made rare/ex not stackable
  • Extra Mog storage removed from all characters
  • BST SJ charm chance set to appropriate levels
  • AH sales will now last indefinitely
  • Fixed resale price on many common NPC items - gil exploit - if you're caught buying/selling npc items you will be banned - any items that resell to the npc for more than the npc sells them for should be reported to the team - thank you!
  • 2Hour recast time fixed - now 2 hours...
  • Orcs will no longer 100% double attack - all basic orcs in game fixed
  • delivery boxing rare items exploit fixed
  • Removed widescan from jobs other than BST/RNG
  • Enfeebling magic accuracy adjusted - was too easy to land enfeebles
  • bind duration adjusted - more retail like. It was too easy to land full minute
  • fixed 2hour exploit
  • Veteran Quadav will no longer double attack 100%
  • exploits that were being abused have been fixed
  • Smithing guild exploit fixed
  • level sync exploit fixed - you now lose sync when a player zones
  • Vial of bird blood - price updated
  • Flytrap Leaf - price updated
  • Mog Wardrobe 1 has been enabled
  • Quadav helm drop tables adjusted
  • Vial of Bird Blood adjusted
  • Quadav backplate adjusted
  • young quadav don't drop fetich items
  • Yagudo persecuter will no longer double attack
  • Conquest system fixed
  • Login and game server made more robust to handle volume
  • Chipmy-Popmy at the fishing guild in Port Windurst (C-8) temporarily will sell Nebimonite until fishing is implemented
  • Fix for exp chain EP then EM+
  • Conquest bug fixed
  • Auto go to homepoint fixed
  • Level sync death bug fixed
  • Faceguard price adjusted
  • Quadav paladins will no longer double attack
  • Conquest rings should be able to be recharged on sundays after next recharge
  • AH Fees removed
  • Giant Gatekeeper no longer double attacks
  • several items as listed in bug reports sell price updated
  • Iron quadav no longer double attacks 100%
  • Until navmesh issues have been resolved mobs will no longer get stuck in bad navmeshes - this is to stop players from exploiting
  • new xiloader version now required to play
  • Port Bastok bridge crossable
  • Mobs losing hate quickly addressed
  • Elemental resistance will build as spells of same element cast
  • Fix for Taisaijin spawn position
  • elemental magic acc adjusted (it was incorrect before causing blm to get resisted all the time)
  • Auction house won't show items above level cap anymore
  • Guild vendors disabled due to practically every price being wrong - we're working on a solution
  • Yagudo Interrogator no longer double attacks 100%
  • Gigas Stonecarrier no longer double attacks 100%
  • Gigas Stonemason no longer double attacks 100%
  • Further modifications to login server to combat crashing issues
  • Yagudo Inquisitor no longer double attacks 100%
  • Mob speed adjusted so they are closer to retail difference with player speed
  • Meteormauler Zhagtegg now uses 100 fists
  • HNMs can't be cursed by curse gear effects
  • Buburium outpost shop/tele NPC fixed - Meriphataud Mountains is working
  • Leave party level sync exploit fixed
  • Leillaine price on remedy fixed
  • Pet exp adjusted for parties
  • Windurst will gain significantly more conquest for now (we're working on a dynamic conquest reward system)
  • Ice spikes now have a chance to apply paralyze
  • Some NMs gain TP a bit faster than normal mobs
  • Conquest decay
  • Fixed bug with blaze spikes created by last update to ice spikes
  • NM TP adjusted again believe it was set a little high
  • Not going to homepoint at end of death timer fixed.
  • Fixed exploit where certain abilities would reset cooldowns
  • Treasure chest respawn time set to 15 minutes - currently chests do not despawn (they remain as empty chests until the next chest spawns)
  • Resolved a few bugs that would cause the server to crash
  • Fixed Goldsmithing gp issue
  • BCNM orb exploit fixed
  • Fixed add member level sync exploit
  • MNK type mobs delay adjusted - slightly longer should be same as retail now
  • Delta Sahagin no longer double attack 100%
  • You will now be able to fight worms if you hit them while they dig down
  • Worms will now properly buff themselves instead of cutting themselves off
  • Crafting exploit fixed
  • Login server loophole patched
  • bug with disband party (/pcmd breakup) fixed
  • Only MNK will guard
  • Crimson Orb quest gives curse
  • BCNM Under Observation tweaked to be more like retail
  • BCNM Under Observation loot table reviewed
  • BST can't cast cure on their pets
  • All known BST exploits patched
  • Login server patched
  • Crafting exploit patched
  • Goldsmithing GP problem fixed - it's a little buggy but takes all items it gives points for now
  • BCNM status persisting after BCNM fixed
  • Maat fights (Shattering Stars) reviewed and enabled
  • MNK mob damage adjusted
  • Fixes made for new server issues that players have helped investigate- thank you!
  • Resistance bug fixed
  • auto hp after tractor or login fixed
  • potential solution for losing crafted items
  • mobs lose tp while out of combat
  • BCNM exploit fixed
  • AH Cancel sale temporarily disabled due to exploit
  • Fishing added, you can't skill up yet - thanks Atom0s and Setzor
  • goldsmith rock price adjusted
  • Tenshodo vendors added
  • Ore no longer stacks like other era items
  • Dangruf Wadi mob levels adjusted
  • Outer Horutoto mob levels adjusted
  • Garlaige Citadel mob levels adjusted
  • BCNM exploit patched
  • fishing disabled it is not working properly yet
  • valuable ores returned to players
  • fixed bug with crafting skillup on break
  • fixed losing craft items on zone
  • @unstuck instawarp fixed
  • @unstuck abilities locked after warp fixed
  • Airships and ships fixed so you zone properly
  • AH resale exploit patched - must wait 10 secs to resell items
  • Mog wardrobe 2 enabled
  • Bug causing server crash that was plaguing the server resolved thanks to many players accounts!
  • BLM recast times updated
  • PH mob respawn fixed for Leaping Lizzy, Valkurm Emp, Ropipi, jaggedy eared jack, Hoo Mjuu, Mee Deggi (please post a bug with NM name if you have another)
  • Fix to guild points rewarded
  • security update
  • several exploits fixed - thanks atom0s
  • gil trade bug fixed
  • dia/bio/flee persisting on zone fixed
  • Enmity system slightly modified, we will observe parties to see if further adjustment is required
  • cure 5 enmity fixed
  • Dynamic conquest influence implemented
  • Knight crabs rage after 5 min
  • Gusgen mines mining fixed
  • Trading a conquest guard a stack of crystals fixed - trade one stack at a time
  • SMN pet dmg adjusted to era levels combat stats on pets seem fine otherwise
  • KA spawns have been changed to "retail" as best we know
  • Tabar Beak in Sauromugue Champaign drop table corrected
  • Boyada Tree Korrigan loot tables updated
  • KA, Serket, Roc and Simurgh ToDs will now persist through server restarts
  • Pygmytoise in Gustav tunnel now aggro
  • Behemoth tweaked to be more retail like
  • BST Ready tweaked to be more like retail BST 2004 when BST didn't have ready, 1 charge 90 secs
  • SMN quest zoning on chocobo fixed
  • Avatars and jug pets will now despawn when players are killed
  • Anti claim botting added
  • Knight crabs no longer charmable
  • /heal bug fixed
  • Gil adjustement for players that have farmed a large amount of Antlion Jaws (due to drop rate magnitude)
  • Argus/Leech King ToDs will now persist through server restarts
  • chocobo digging items not obtainable added to Pawkrix in Lower Jeuno (H - 10)
  • Nue and Quu Domi PHs fixed
  • Eased up on enfeebling magic a little since other projects are holding back MACC and ELE DMG projects
  • Dispel should have higher acc now
  • Added mini windows to NQ/HQ Kings
  • Sozu Rogberry added as a lottery NM
  • Mobs will no longer aggro immediately on spawn
  • Mobs will no longer aggro through floors in KRT or Beadeaux
  • NIN G5 adjusted - was too hard
  • Shiva and Ifrit avatar fights Lv20 & 75 have been added
  • Enmity of bind/sleep/dispel/blind adjusted to era values
  • Being paralyzed while using a job ability now resets its recast
  • Mobs will now return to their homepoints properly when stuck
  • Bug with goblins aggroing resting through floor fixed
  • Black magic now uses old school damage calculations
  • Black magic acc increased for the time being until magic acc is reworked
  • Xolotl ToD saved
  • Avatars fights: Garuda, Ramuh, Leviathan, Titan
  • Changed cure formulas to 2004 values.
  • Rampart corrected to era values
  • Island Rarab are now charmable
  • Steelbiter Gudrud now attacks properly and summons his pet
  • All double attack issues in bug section addressed
  • Scavenge(RNG) closer to era, will need more work in the future
  • Casting while resting fixed
  • Attacking while resting no longer allowed (caused bugs)
  • Abyssea WS no longer obtainable through merits
  • Force pop items removed from NQ Kings
  • BCNM 60: Up in Arms
  • Elemental ores added to BCNM 20,40,60
  • Black belt items added to NQ's
  • Magic accuracy changed to era
  • Rose Garden and Vilma fixed
  • Taisaijin fixed
  • Clear Mind BLM trait fixed
  • Threnody fixed
  • Bar Spells fixed
  • Say it with flowers fixed - thanks Matthew!
  • BRD song accuracy tweaked
  • Reported jeuno NPC issues fixed
  • Utsu:Ichi doesn't overwrite Ni
  • Cover working
  • Breath attacks fixed
  • Fenrir fight completed
  • Healing while using item bug fixed
  • Sharp Ear Ropipi fixed
  • Additional effect damage added to several weapons
  • ENMs: Brothers and Sheep in Antlions Clothing added
  • Mob TP slightly modified, overall effect on combat should be negligible (true retail mob TP)
  • Garlaige Citadel Gates fixed
  • Crit damage formula fixed
  • Chi Blast changed to era
  • Chocobo Marzuka and Escape fixed (where can be cast)
  • Worms won't cast on you unless you're a coward
  • Fafnir
  • LFG flag issues when joining PT fixed
  • Crab sushi recipe fixed
  • BST tame fixed
  • Several item sell prices updated
  • BST as SJ now uses BST main level for charm chance (with a cap of main job current level) with a slight penalty
  • BST as SJ Charm time will be a little less than main BST
  • Noble Mold fixed
  • Golden Bat fixed
  • BRD song bug fixed
  • New player command added @re short for refresh, which will refresh a players party list
  • Boost applying to only a single attack fixed - Thanks Beauxq!
  • Hide working much more like era - Thanks <anonymous player>!
  • Tachi Jinpu fixed
  • Vorpal Blade removed from RDM
  • Stun spell acc revised
  • Flash spell acc revised
  • Several items sell prices updated
  • Bright-handed Kunberry and Sozu Rogberry no longer use Everyone's Rancor
  • Aquaveil changed to era
  • Quest: A Timely Visit added thanks to Beauxq
  • New level sync rules
  • Windurst Mission 7-1 bug fixed - thanks Siege
  • ZM's and Sky released
  • Earthbreaker fixed
  • Shocks spikes now applies stun
  • Shadowbind fixed
  • Bug with spikes spells and exp fixed
  • Kirin complete
  • BRD Maat, song evasion adjusted (made a bit easier)
  • RDM Maat, takes slightly more damage from elemental nukes
  • bug fix for mobs going unclaimed on pet death
  • Dispel and Finale accuracy adjusted

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