Maint 4/16/2017 Patch v16

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Maint 4/16/2017 Patch v16

Post by Icon » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:55 pm

The following changes are included in this maintenance:
  • Crimson Orb quest gives curse
  • BCNM Under Observation tweaked to be more like retail - more strategies should work in this BCNM now
  • BCNM Under Observation loot table reviewed - it is correct
  • BST can't cast cure on their pets
  • All known BST exploits patched
  • Login server patched
  • Crafting exploit patched
  • Goldsmithing GP problem fixed - it's a little buggy but takes all items it gives points for now
  • BCNM status persisting after BCNM fixed
  • Maat fights (Shattering Stars) reviewed and enabled, except for lolDRG cause they suck anyway - why would you even play this job?
  • MNK mob damage adjusted, you mean you didn't like that knuckle sandwich?
  • Fixes made for new server issues that players have helped investigate- thank you!

NMs fixed, now drops from these NMs will be considered legit unless we derped hard
  • Amikiri
  • Bloodtear
  • Bune
  • Guivre
  • King Arthro
  • Lord of Onzozo
  • Roc
  • Simurgh
  • Steelfleece
  • Ungur

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