Maint 4/8/2017 Patch v15

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Maint 4/8/2017 Patch v15

Post by Icon » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:24 pm

This maintenance was performed to reinstate guild vendors and apply fixes for zoning and other issues.

Guild Vendors have been hired! We think we've vetted all of them pretty well now but if you find any robinhood dogooder trying to rob the servers til please report it ! :evil:

Some NMs have been fixed in this patch we're starting a very large project to fix all NMs on the server. More NMs will hopefully be released later this weekend.

Changes included:
  • MNK type mobs delay adjusted - slightly longer should be same as retail now
  • Delta Sahagin no longer double attack 100%
  • You will now be able to fight worms if you hit them while they dig down
  • Worms will now properly buff themselves instead of cutting themselves off
  • Crafting exploit fixed
  • Login server loophole patched
  • bug with disband party (/pcmd breakup) fixed
  • Only MNK will guard
The following NMs were fixed:
  • Mee Deggi
  • Quu Domi
  • Decurio I-III
  • Marchelute
  • Poisonhand Gnadgag
  • Porphhyrion

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