Ingame Custom Commands

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Ingame Custom Commands

Post by Icon » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:28 pm

List of commands:
@help - Shows this list ingame.
@re - refreshes your party menu. Use when party menu is corrupted.
@release - releases you from a cutscene if you're stuck.
@unstuck - sends you to your homepoint after 15 minutes. Only use if stuck in terrain.
@flist - returns your friends list.
@flistadd <player name> - adds a player to your friends list.
@flistremove <player name> - removes a player from your friends list.

**NOTE - Please do not use @release unless you're absolutely stuck in a cutscene. @release will most likely result in the game camera being stuck and you having to relog, it can also result in not receiving quest/mission items if you're in the middle of a cs. Please report any CS' you find yourself stuck in and the team will look into it asap.

@unstuck will lock your ability to do any actions while it is in effect. Best to use a warp scroll if you have one.

Have fun!