Number Of Accounts/Characters Dualboxing

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Number Of Accounts/Characters Dualboxing

Post by Icon » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:02 pm

There is a known bug in our server code (from DSP) that if you create more than one character on an account you may have issues. To avoid problems we suggest only creating one character per account (login)

-If you intend to play with more than one character at the same time (dualbox) then make sure to log one character in at a time. The login server can only handle one account login from an IP address at a time. This means type your login and get the character loaded into game before starting the next login. If you try to log both characters in at the same time you will most likely get an error message or the game will hang on loading data.

-If you cannot login after being disconnected from the server wait 5 minutes with the game/launcher closed so that the server can clean the bad session - then you can login again. If not try to contact the staff on the IRC channel.

-If you already created more than one character on an account DONT DELETE IT, just leave it

-When logging in do not mash the enter button or you will likely be greated with a login error. Let the screens on the game load.