BCNM40 Under Observation SD strategy

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BCNM40 Under Observation SD strategy

Post by azakren » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:14 pm

Hello all. Quite a few people have asked me what our strategy for Under Observation is. Our group cleared the fight using Non-BST setup before the fight was changed and mob damage was reduced. Before it was changed our clear % was close to 95%. We wiped 1 time on lightsday ironically because of resists.


Samurai starts meditate right on entrance and waits on timer before starting. RDM buffs and gets mp back to full. BRD opens with Minuet2 and sword madrigal, then backs up and casts enchanting etude(CHR) and advancing march on themselves for haste and chr boost. Open the fight with hoard lullaby. If bard resists on the opener try to single sleep one that resists. Follow that with Elegy on the sobbing eye and if possible toss a foe requiem 3 on the sobbing for extra DPS. Bard runs down the path and recasts etude and waits for mobs to come to them. Keep sleeping and kiting while keeping shadows up. RDM will silence the sobbing eye right at start, continue trying as resist rate is semi-high. Once silenced focus on healing samurai and keeping the SAM un-para'd. RDM can use enthunder and melee/skillchain with SAM to help with DPS. SAM keeps shadows up and does what a DPS does. Kill sobbing eye and meet up with the bard for songs. Bard keeps sleeping and elegy/requiem the new mob the SAM picks. Continue until all 3 are dead.

This is just the strategy my group uses. It is safe and effective, and has a high success rate. You can vary jobs most likely but this was the strategy we initially developed and will continue using it as it suits us the best.
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Re: BCNM40 Under Observation SD strategy

Post by Miang » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:56 pm

I think its very well tuned now, we cleared without a BRD just this morning.

Party composition was BST/WHM, MNK/WAR, and RDM/BLM. I soloed the Sobbing Eye to death, while Grahf and Blu did a mixture of DPS and kiting on the Compound Eyes. Once the Sobbing eye was dead I took one of the compound eyes(close to 100%) and soloed that one with my pet. Grahf and Blu killed their Compound Eye and came to assist me just as my pet finally died.

My jug timer was at 0:00 and ready to go, but I thought it was a waste of gil since at that point it was 3v1 on a small eye @ roughly 30%.

I think I saw both RDM and MNK dip deep into the red a few times, so it might have been tough on their end. I didn't start to take serious damage until I engaged the Compound Eye, really.

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