BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

If you have a strategy for an FFXI fight you'd like to share post it here.
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BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Grahf » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:30 pm

Check it out. Fun times.

Successful run of the BCNM 40 Under Observation on a private server. Can't believe we pulled this off. It's a hard one but we pulled if off after a lot of discussion over strategy, one failed attempt, and lots of gil spent at the AH on gear and food. Pulling off what seems impossible makes FFXI addictive.

Party: Miang as BST/WHM, Blu as RDM/NIN, and Grahf as MNK/WAR

Strategy: Enter BCNM. Miang calls pet. Buff and food then rest to full MP. Buffs include protect, shell, barfira, blink, etc. I should have used boost a bunch of times but didn't. Didn't initiate the fight until Miang has jug cooldown reset.

Blu started the fight by silencing one of the smaller eyes. I voked the other one and we both ran down the ramp. Miang solod the Sobbing Eyes with Fungars where they initally spawned. Blu slept one of the compound eyes while I solod the other one. Blu healed me and enfeebled the eye I fought while kitting the other compound eye with bind, stoneskin, etc. I just stood there and prayed for counters and my hits to land. Miang finished the Sobbing Eyes first. After that Blu took the compound eye he was kiting to Miang. After Miang had aggro Blu was smart enough to return to me and save me with cures. No two hours were used in this fight.

In hindsight, at 7:05, I should have brought my compound eye, which was about dead to Miang, while Blu continued to kite his

Big shout out to Miang and Blu for somehow making this happen. They probably know more about how to win than I do. Checkout my lucky counter at 8:15 :D

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Miang » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:34 am

It's fascinating watching it from this perspective, good job!

Also, I still have your second Ice Spikes scroll, tell me when you want to pick it up!

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Gweivyth » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:23 pm

What level was your Guard in this video? It seemed like it proc'd so much. Good job!

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Grahf » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:46 pm

My guard skill is 105

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Elgorian » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:11 pm

I know they reworked guard in retail also. We might be using newer guard mechanics because in era it was useless.

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by anofrei » Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:15 am

The best strat i ever used for this was 2 bst and a rdm, the rdm kited the big eye while the 2 bst used funguar jug pets to burn the other eyes down, then when they were both dead the bst ganged up on the main eye, its a safe strat, it can be done with 3 bst as well, having one bst kite the main eye using a tiger jug pet.

You can do this with 2 blms and a rdm as well, but you would need yag drinks, same as doing it with 3 blms and all spamming aeroga.

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Re: BCNM 40 Under Observation Video

Post by Cadant » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:17 pm

Since I've seen so many people that haven't done or attempted UO yet on here, I figured I would post the strategy in case anyone checks the forums and not the wiki...

Setup that has worked every time that my computer hasn't crashed during a run is - Healer (WHM and RDM both work. I assume SMN would too), BRD, and a DD. I have used MNK, NIN, DRG, BST and SAM as the DDs. I would guess most DD jobs besides THF, BLM and maybe RNG would work fine.

All three enter. Buff and rest mp. There are three hecteye mobs. The middle one is noticeably larger than the outside two. BRD starts the fight by using horde lullaby. The DD engages one of the two small hecteyes, preferably one that resisted the initial sleep. BRD will keep the hecteyes asleep and buff/heal when possible while the DD takes out the two smaller hecteyes first, then the large one last. A WHM or SMN healer may need to rest during the fight but that's not a big deal.

Very straight forward and very easy

The one constant in every run has been BRD. Don't ask if BLM using ES sleepga will work because I do not know :X

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