Bastok Mission 3-1 (The Four Musketeers)

Bugs that have been fixed.
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Bastok Mission 3-1 (The Four Musketeers)

Post by Yidoshi » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:37 pm

Cannot complete Bastok Mission 3-1 (The Four Musketeers).

Click here for mission details.


After killing 20 Copper Quadavs in Beadeaux, I zone into Pashhow Marshlands for the cutscene to complete the mission. However, I keep getting the wrong cutscene that tells you that you haven't killed enough.

Possible Cause:

I traveled to Beadeaux for other purposes while having this mission active. I then zoned into Pashhow Marshlands when I was done, and received the cutscene saying I didn't kill enough Quadavs. This was expected, as I had no intention of completing the mission at this time.

Now that want to complete the mission, It won't give me the correct cutscene. I think that once get the wrong cutscene, it gets bugged, and makes it impossible to get the correct cutscene.

Troubleshooting Attempted:

I killed over 20 Copper Quadavs twice now, and receive the wrong cutscene both times.

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