Party Crash Bug (since today's update)

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Party Crash Bug (since today's update)

Post by Caelic » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:18 am

I'll try to be as detailed as I can, this problem just came up today and there will be some speculation here. I, along with a few other players (including Kronk who I believe made a post as well), were trying to get a Qufim Island exp party going today but after over 3 hours eventually gave up. People kept disconnecting in waves of 2 to 5 players each, happening about every 10 to 20 minutes. Every time the bug occurred, the affected people would get a "pol.exe has stopped working" message and the game would close, all at the same exact time. Once it happened to my 5 party members at the same time and I was the only one not disconnected. They all stopped moving at the same time and got the red circle at the same time. It was incredibly eerie.

Anyway, the bug appears to only occur while in a party. I was solo in Qufim for awhile after the party dissolved and never had an issue. I was solo for a couple of hours right after the update today at around 4; again, no issues. So far I have not seen it happen while the party was in battle, only out of battle. A few others on the server LS chat were reporting the same issues at around the same time as well: Meow in Garliage Citadel said almost the entire party disconnected a couple of times. Serephim said 5 of his party members all disconnected too (I did not ask what zone).

I think this is a pretty serious issue if we cannot have any stable experience points parties on the server right now. Serious enough that I'd say it might warrant reverting the changes for this patch until the problem is resolved. Is anyone else having this issue, or anyone in exp parties that is not having this issue?

Also, to anyone whose game crashes in this way: wait a few minutes before reconnecting. Your character MUST depop from in the game before you can log back in on that character. You will otherwise be stuck on the black "Downloading Data" screen indefinitely.

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Re: Party Crash Bug (since today's update)

Post by Icon » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:15 pm

Thanks for the detailed info, We will be rolling back some of yesterdays patch in order to fix this issue

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