BLM Int caps

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BLM Int caps

Post by Mattyg » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:49 am

All values below calculated with Moldavite (5 MAB) + (32 MAB from BLM job) and Thunder Staff

I have noticed an issue with BLM spells... i think they are improperly INT capped on T4 and T3-ga spells.
With 2 lightning merits, getting 963 as max dmg thunder4 and 1173 as thundaga3
this is with different amounts of int
same mob, same time.

I didn't get my blm to 75 until ToAU so this might be correct...but i just dont remember if this is the correct values. This would mean with max merits, I will be able to get 1003 or 1004 thunder4.

Also, Thunder3 seems to be capped at 609 with no merits, which makes full merits give us 653 dmg.

It may have been different this era, or i may be remembering incorrectly, but i feel like Thunder3 was closer to 750, and Thunder4 closer to 1200. If i calculate weskit in... T4 ends up being 1044ish.. and with a day or bonus that puts us in the high 1100s. So maybe my memory is just thinking of this. Hoping to see if anyone else chimes in or knows for sure.

Does anyone remember if these numbers are correct for pre ToAU?

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Re: BLM Int caps

Post by Scott » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:39 pm

Seems pretty accurate to me. Been a long time since that formal and an even longer time since I mained BLM though.

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