Jelly's and Beastmasters!

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Jelly's and Beastmasters!

Post by pan » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:09 pm

Friend and me decided to have some Beastmaster + Jelly action in Inner Hortutoto Ruins with the 'Blob''s at Maltha NM spawn point.
Upon charming a Lv17 and 15 Jelly ( which was suprisingly easy, checked EM and DC ) my friend used Familiar on his. We levelsynced and my Jelly stayed charmed while his familiared Jelly uncharmed ( like 5sec max after Familiar ).

Then anyway we decided to gank some T-IT Goblins and the Jellys died extremly quickly. They took the same Physical Damage as us, which afair should not be the case.

Since the unfamiliared Jelly uncharmed quickly we recharmed it several times, always landing charm on 1st or 2nd try with very low CHR.

- easy Charm on Jellys (?)
- Familiared Pet uncharms on LevelSync
- Jelly phys. resistance incorrect

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