EU linkshell recruiting (GMT)

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EU linkshell recruiting (GMT)

Post by oldschoolffxi » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:50 pm

Hello players of kupo I am recruiting GMT time zone based players for my linkshell.

I have a 75 Sam and a WHM alt levelled. Currently working on BRD, THF and DRK. (Also doing duo BST as a side project- mainly for beast men seals :ugeek: )

I am seeking Players that play around the GMT time zone, speak some English and have already put some hours into the game.

The main purpose of the linkshell is to allow GMT time based players a chance to team up quickly and efficiently at a time that suits them for either experience points or quests/missions.

Hopefully get some statics going for some exp groups and onwards hopefully some merit squads.

I play around 5-12pm GMT and either a lot or not a lot on weekends.

Shoot me a tell in game if you are interested.
Juggernaut 75 SAM / 49 THF / 45 DRK / 39 WAR / 38 RNG / 38 NIN

Queenofpain 69 WHM / 65 BRD / 40 BLM

Duo BST@ 20

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